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At A Galy Landscape & Design Pavers Design we specialize in all types of pavers, waterfalls, pergolas, pools, patios, fireplaces, outdoors, driveways and ponds design.

We are your pavers expert, and quality is our top priority. Our friendly and well-trained employees are on the road throughout Orlando to help you design your new patio and to provide our services to your fullest satisfaction. We guarantee the work of our professional installation and service crew, and stand behind our quality promise.

We are fast, professional, and unbelievably affordable, whether your project is for your home or place of business.

APD is proud to make unique designs and custom features for all of our customers … Our designs are one of a kind, we work very hard with engineers, designers & architects to create the best possible job for our customers.

All this experience and information comes from all parts of the world from manufacturers from the stones, fountains, water-features, lighting and plumbing all integrating into one master piece to offer the best quality … all special features take a team of professionals from different manufacturers to come together and work the design.

When doing unique’s first time design we explain to customers the project by stage, and at the end will all come together to create an unique and beautiful final product.

At APD Pavers in Orlando, you will receive professional support for all phases of your project: From consultation to maintenance, we will gladly take care of your concerns.

You can choose between a full planning or an individual consultation/free estimate, between the sensible integration of existing elements or a completely new design. Our pavers work always meets the highest quality requirements, and also includes fresh ideas.

  • Premium quality pavers
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Waterscapes
  • Ponds, streams or fountains: We know our craft.

Your renovation and pavers project is always in good hands with our team of designers and contractors. Our service includes all project phases from planning to maintenance. In the process, we always keep your personal wishes and needs in mind.

See for yourself just how professional and creative our work is!

With the wide variety of styles, colors and shapes available, a brick paver patio can be designed to suit any taste and accent any home. Oftentimes, homeowners get caught up in the look of their brick paver patio rather than the integrity of the construction. The professionals at Domenico find these elements to be of equal importance. In addition to our design services, the installation pros of Domenico also takes into account factors such as the grading, base, and cutting of the brick paver patio.

GRADING The surface of a brick paver patio needs to be properly graded to divert water away from your home, while at the same time not making the slope too great that it is noticeable when patio furniture is placed on the surface.

BASE If a base isn’t properly installed, you’ll generally start to see problems within the first two years. Domenico Brick Paving takes the time to create a proper base so your project won’t experience the problems associated with poor base structures. We also offer a 5 year warranty on our work, which we provide to you in writing.

CUTTING Our paver cuts are be clean, straight, and align with adjacent cuts. To insure clean cuts, we use diamond blade circular saws to cut and trim to design the pavers for an aesthetically pleasing finish to the patio installation.

As one of our customers recently stated, “After the hard winter, it was great to see that our patio looks exactly the same as it did when the crew put it in last summer. Awesome work!”

For experienced workmanship and award winning design, contact Your Orlando Brick Paving & Landscaping, for a free quote.

Orlando Brick Pavers brings a rich range of styles, colors and patterns of brick pavers for your driveway, patio, swimming pool decks, and walkways. We can make your driveway more than simply a plain, practical ramp to the garage– we’ll offer it dazzling color, pattern and character!

The number one issue you ought to have when choosing a brick paving company is quality. Orlando Brick Pavers is absolutely committed to quality on all fronts– in our services and the products we use, and in our devotion to finishing every task on time, within budget and with stunning outcomes!

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